tap water

Opportunity is now for water-related companies

Recent focus on media was the contamination of water that we drink from taps. It’s been said that since 2004, over 49 million are exposed to contaminated water. Considering those that haven’t been checked for, that could be you – whether you’re at home, or whether on your next cup of iced water at your favorite diner or fast food joint.

Well, while it might be good news for Aquafina, it’s even better news for Brita and PUR, the makers of home water filtration systems. I don’t know what kind of marketing budget they have, but now is the time to make it happen. Research who these people are that are drinking contaminated water, but more importantly, find out those who are aware of this situation – perhaps mothers won’t like to serve their 8 year olds contaminated water.

It is rare that a company can be given a great chance for aggressive marketing – as for water filter companies, now is the best time to appeal to the senses of people who are sensitive to drinking tap water. Or perhaps a new product can be developed at this point – a portable water filter? (for fountain taps at the office, for those untrustworthy iced waters at China Express?)