Yesterday’s brand names could be called anything. Name it Orange Juice Communications, or Speaker Phone Inc, to Cellphone Accessories Inc. You could name it using your uncle Jerry, or simply pick your favorite vegetable name.

Today, it’s a whole different story. Yesterday’s brands that used such common names – no, not your uncle Jerry’s one in a billion family name, but the every day things – like orange juices to cellphone accessories – these are the problems that arise in today’s name of brands.

The reason? Well, it’s because of the Internet. People are Googling you from everywhere. Yes, someone searching “cellphone accessories” might one day end up on your website… But would you buy from a website called It just seems scammish, and there’s simply no credibility. Not to mention, if there was someone searching for your company’s name, it’s just get mixed up with the million other pages that have “cellphone” and “accessories” as keywords. It’s the worst kind of name you’d give to your brand.

In today’s world of online searches, you should give your brand a distinction. It’s name should be something that’s catchy – like Google, and something that can be typed relatively easily. I’m sorry, may have been great back in the phone order days, but it simply doesn’t connect these days. Today, it’s all about brevity, simplicity, and easy for remembrance.

But one thing to avoid is the trend of similar names – bing/blip, fling/fring, youtube/xtube, vevo/veoh, google/oodle – don’t these all sound too similar? Stay away from similarities to the Web 2.0 sensations – I swear, there are many more of those that are on their way to the big market based on my start-up research.