It was a great game. But to me, the true game was a fight between the world’s best brands.

While many were anticipated, my pick of today’s winning brand had to be Denny’s.

(Doritos, you were runner-up)

What made it great was that the chickens had a meaning. They clicked with the product (Free Grand Slams).

They made sense. We could totally remember Chicken = Free Grand Slam day. And with the three versions of this campaign, they evolved – the first involved an introduction by a person dining at Denny’s, the second involved only chickens, and the third, came about unexpectedly.

Kudos to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for a wonderful, humorous campaign that will be remembered. (And I won’t forget this Tuesday 6AM – 2PM for the Grand Slam).

First of the campaign:

Second of the campaign:

The Third: