Brands are everywhere. (I know, it’s so cliche!)

It’s present right in front of your eyes as you read this, and even where you’re sitting on right now. It’s on you – over your body, and it’s inside you (from what you ate on your last meal).

The funny thing is, though, despite brands being virtually everywhere – we only know a handful. And of these handful, we love and trust only a pinch.

With the ever-abundant sources of information provided today, it is now easier to come across new products. Unfortunately, this just means too too many choices and options for you.

And when it comes to selecting, it all comes down to that brand that you love and trust, and that you will keep loyal to. And that’s what makes that “pinch” of brands successful.

Having come from a very dynamic and global background, I have seen many ways in which people think about brands – whether it’s from the perspective of different cultures or simply different human likings. Based on my global background, and what I consider my strength – a keen ability to gain insight – I’ve decided to run this website in order to deliver my perspectives on why some brands do better than others. Or, as per my blog name, how some brands endure and outrun competitors.