I’ve created this category in order to discuss my perspectives on the good and bad of today’s brands.

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Currently, I have categorized brands into the following:

  • Arts & Entertainment: Anything that makes you sad, funny, laugh, depressed, inspiring, and most of all, out of boredom
  • Auto: Cars, motorcycles, boats, ships, airlines, airplanes, your lawn mower, your bicycle, or your home-built rocketeer – anything that has an engine
  • Education: You know, you went to one of those places once… you know, the place where they make you read stuff then write about them, and to memorize stuff then write about them again. You know, all that stuff that comes and goes, but its outcome sticks with you for the rest of your life.
  • Electronics: That would be anything related to what you use to read this: PC, Apple, PDA, Smartphone, Cell phone, TV – whatever that runs on batteries that helps your life one way or another. Or even retail stores that help you get your hands on one of ’em.
  • Fashion: That would be anything related to apparels, clothing, shoes, socks, ribbons, fake hair – whatever you can put on or put yourself into
  • Food: The omnipresent McDonald’s to your local pizza house, or your nearest quick-mart to your region’s dominant grocery. Whatever that ends up in your mouth.
  • Health & Medicine: It’s what makes you relax, what keeps you from coughing, or what makes you feel you’re OK now. Or maybe one of the institutions you pay hundreds of dollars every month just in case.
  • Personal Care & Services: Yup. That would be where you dye your hair purple, get your mother’s initials on your belly, where you’ll get a back-rub that will last you 2 hours, or where you can sign up for a 1-year gym membership and learn to discover that when you need to workout, it’s closed.
  • Professional Services: Would include where you leave your money (no, not beneath your bed), where you would ask to advertise your automatic toilet paper dispenser, where you would go for help to make your beauty parlor generate $320B in revenues, or where you go for assitance when you’ve been caught for lying about your sickday at work.
  • Uncategorized: One of those things where, you know it can fall under some category, but you know there won’t be much more discussion about that category. Hmmmmmmm…..