Great video on defining “Integrated Advertising,” from the folks at Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv. Wonderully executed and explained.

My only concern is, in a true world, how many brands can allow for a holistic integrated campaign?

Because in today’s advertising, as brands become bigger, there is no longer the old model of an AOR (Agency of Record) handling all marcom activities for a specific brand. Brands now utilize various shops, whether at the global or local levels, or by medium.

For example, a promo microsite may be given to a digital shop, while the content of its main homepage is given to a bigger digital agency. It’s TV commercials may be created by a hot and rising boutique agency, while its online viral videos by a top notch digital agency. It’s social communications on Twitter/Facebook is managed by a PR agency, while it’s print creative is given to their old traditional agency, all the while the old experiential agency handles all of the retail and POP marketing materials. And let’s not forget all the media buy that happens in the background by the media powerhouses.

So while the video talks about how consumers may begin “conversations” about the brand that add up to earned media, how much of those conversations of the brand happens between the multitude of agencies? I doubt many, or, the more they do, the more they risk losing their competitiveness. Then how can a brand truly, have an integrated message?


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