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My Answer to “Why Should I Hire You?”

Well, this is more like an answer to, “why should I hire an international candidate?”

As an international person educated, living, and working in America, there are some downsides. One is, despite the fact that I have a legal work Visa (H1B), and despite the fact that it can be transferred quite easily, companies are not willing to hire me because doing so requires much paperwork, and costs for such paperwork are somewhat burdening now and beyond. As someone who’s looking to eagerly transfer to a company where I can develop into a marketing expert, I cannot state how difficult and frustrating this is. Give me just one chance, and I’ll show you what I’m capable of…. Well, I doubt anyone would buy that.

I wrote this down in my journal years ago based on the assumption that a hiring manager may ask, “why should I hire you over U.S. citizens who basically have similar backgrounds and skills?”

My answer to this is “opportunity.” By this, I’m referring to the fact that I’m seeking the opportunity to grow, to develop, and to provide more to the company.

First, here’s an interesting insight. Foreigners who have never even visited this country have more knowledge of America than Americans. It’s a generalization that probably isn’t true down to earth, but in all truthfulness, I’ve met many foreigners (outside of America) who know more idioms than Americans. Fascinating, isn’t it? They know more vocabularies, know more about the English grammar, and can recite every line on “Friends” and follow along every lyric on the Billboard Hot 50. That’s the whole point. They look at America from a totally different angle – as if it was a subject of study. Naturally, they are better experts at some things of being ‘American.’ As an international person myself, this is what I can bring – a whole new perspective, and both a subjective and objective look into the American culture. This is something that can’t be found with American candidates.

Second, because I wasn’t born and raised in America, I know for a fact that Americans have a better advantage over me in terms of success or adjusting with corporate America. Well, here’s the insight: if your best buddy just purchased a million dollar home, wouldn’t you want something bigger than that? If she just pulled out the newest S-class, wouldn’t you want to show off your Bentley the next time you meet her? It’s a psychologically engaging outcome, that you’d want something more and better than your fellow peers. And that’s just what I’m after. Because I’m not American, because I do not hold ground, I will try my best to be better, to be of more value. It’s a competition where I’m already way behind, and I need to catch up by developing, learning, and engaging with the best techniques possible.

So in the end, it’s all about grabbing that opportunity. It’s about learning to be American, to win the competition where others clearly have a head start. And then there’s the ‘Plus Alpha’ variable in the equation, but I won’t mention that here. (please contact me at to have a chat with me)

So, give me just one opportunity, so that I can take that opportunity and transform it into more value.

Just one chance….


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An Irony: Who Knows The Ad Industry?

blank advertising billboard

The Ad Industry Needs to Be Marketed More

While English may not be my first language, I never knew what the term “marketing” was until I took an intro marketing course in college.

Isn’t that ironic? How the billions of dollars spent on marketing can’t push the general term out to young kids.

I was lucky. I fell in love with it. And maybe most marketing professionals were lucky like me.

But here’s an ugly truth: I’ve never seen or heard of any child who’s dreamed of becoming a marketer. Period.

I’ve heard cute dreams of being a doctor, a princess, a president, a lawyer, a pilot, or a inventor… but a marketer? Wow and ow.

What’s even sadder is that Advertising, which is really a part of all the marketing efforts is even more clandestine.

Ask a layperson if they know what an Account Executive does: “what? some kind of accounting CEO?”

Ask a layperson what a copywriter does: “someone who makes copyrights?”

See, I learned marketing, but never knew about such roles in advertising until I actually started studying advertising on my own.

But why? Why should I not know?

I knew that there were analysts, associates, and partners and directors in law and consulting firms.

I knew there were software developers and project managers, network administrators and database managers in IT firms.

I knew there were CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CSOs, Presidents and Chairmen.

Why not Account and Strategic Planners, Media Coordinators and Planners, Traffic Coordinators, Account Executives and Supervisors and Directors, and Copywriters and Art Directors and Creative Directors?

How come none of these were advertised, or even a small discussion passed by at least once in my eclectic lifetime – aren’t advertisers the best at this?

Enough about job positions. I knew what advertising was… I’ve seen Marlboro men on and off highways and deserts in the middle of Africa. I’ve seen Coca-Cola bottles being used as a divine symbol by a Zulu tribeman in the 1980 movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy. But who made these ads? I’ve always thought it was the actual marketers making them. How would I have ever known there were ad agencies behind all this? And if so, how would I have known which were the famous?

Tiger Woods started golf before he could even speak. Doctors have doctors in their family, as do lawyers. Business moguls inherit their businesses from their parents and grandparents. That’s what we call exposure. These people were exposed at an early age, and they chose it as if it were their destiny. Advertising is all about exposing to the biggest, or at least, the most targetable audiences. And so are careers. If the Advertising Industry wants to become a bigger, proliferous industry, it must invest in talent. In order to invest in talent, it must invest in exposing what Advertising is to young audiences. Make it their dream, make it their fantasy. Start advertising advertising.

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