I was thinking of Kraft Foods. And of Oreo’s. Mmmm… Delicious is what came to my mind first. Second, “fattening?” Third, “it’s just too bulky.” I know that the attributes I give to this brand can vary from consumer to consumer, but for me, the thought of ‘guilt’ came right after my instinctive thought of it being delicious.

(I know exactly the process of buying and eating an Oreo, just as I know it with many other CPGs on the store shelves. I will probably buy it from my grocery store, Giant Eagle. It’s in the biscuits and cookies aisle, next to the frozen goods aisles. I know it’ll be next to a variety of Chips Ahoy and Newton Figs. I know that there are some varieties of Oreo’s, but I’ll pick the original because it’s my favorite. I know that they come in pretty big sizes. I’ll probably leave it on my kitchen counter, and I know that I’ll give it a go as soon as I come home from the grocery. I know that I’ll probably have about a quarter of the packaging, but it’ll take some time to have seconds. Meanwhile, I’ll be worried that it might go stale. Also, I know I must have milk with it, because without it, it just isn’t as much fun. Actually, it just doesn’t go along well with water, juice, or soda. Now, with of this in mind, should I go ahead, and make the purchase, right now?)

As someone who enjoys Oreo’s, I know exactly when I will buy it – when I’m craving for something sweet, but something that’ll fill my stomach to a certain level as opposed to candies and chocolate bars. At this point, I no longer care about how fattening or bulky the size is, or the price, or anything else that might conflict with my feelings about guilt. All of that, I can justify – “I’ll work out later. It’s worth all the penny as long as I finish it. I haven’t had one of these in quite some time, so it’s all worth it.”

We all now know how great Oreo’s taste with milk, and it has become an association that, thanks to great Account Planners at DraftFCB New York, become more of a conscious trend – if I buy an Oreo, I’ll make sure that I have milk in my fridge. But to try something new, perhaps understanding the exact moment when I crave for the next packaged set of Oreo’s could be an insight that could awaken the subconscious minds. For me, it’s when I want something fulfilling and sweet at the same time.

It’s all about that moment you crave for something, that moment you think about the process of buying and using it based on your past experiences. That’s where the sweet spot lies.

When do YOU crave for Oreos?


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