What are the trends for 2010?

Well, Nielsen gives you a great 17-minute overview on what the new trends will be

via Nielsen 2010 Global Consumer Outlook | Nielsen Wire.

One of the most amazing things is that the TV, Internet, and Mobile Phones will be the BIG THING this year.

With the roll out of the iPad, new Android devices, and an upgraded iPhone, this year will be a battle of wireless technology.

Yeah, cell phones have been around for so long, but why with all the hype now? Amazon already has the Kindle, so does Sony et al., but what’s the hype with the iPad?

Well, I think trend-setting can be really defined as something that actually sparks a new market, as opposed to something simply new.

Apple’s iPhone brought about a whole new applications market. Android is doing the same, but it’s Google’s. Kindle sort of did, but the iPad is creating a much more creative and larger market.

So if you’re looking to do something big in 2010 and beyond, don’t look into following what’s being done – look into creating a new market that can be followed by others.


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