I’m glad to hear that this year’s holiday shopping sales have increased. More consumers shopped, both online and offline.
Well, I hoped to write about this before Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) to predict this outcome, but here it goes.
While I haven’t seen any figures for how toy stores did, here’s a little belated prediction: Toys will do much better than expected.

Why? Here’s my little insight (albeit, not based on any research).
The past year has been difficult for most U.S. consumers. Unemployment reached over 10%, bonuses have been reduced to other types of perks, and the consumer’s were wary on spending. And something that every parent wants is to keep their kids happy amidst all this turbulence. And what keeps kids happy the most? A Zhu Zhu hamster, an iPod, and other types of toys and gadgets.

These tiny things were the big thing this shopping season

These tiny things were the big thing this shopping season

So after nearly a year of guilt – for not having made their kids as happy as possible, parents were willing to go out there, fight till death in the war against other guilty parents.

Well, then, perhaps that could work as a new marketing theme for a struggling company next season: “music makes your kid happy,” “husbands are most happy when napping in an airplane,” “the most romantic thing your wife truly wants is a trip to Dubai.”


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