Uno's Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish in Deep Trouble: Uno Files for Bankruptcy

Uno’s Chicago Grill & Pizzeria recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I haven’t had much experience with Uno’s, because it’s not available in my area. But here’s what I know of Uno: it’s chic, it’s got class, and it’s got great food.

If you consider its location, price, environment, service, it is top of its class – certainly, can’t be compared with other franchise pizza joints.

During this phase of recuperation, I would look into its offerings. It’s got a great line up in its menu… but perhaps, it should consider reaching more customers. Such as, offering delivery, maybe? Part of the reason why Uno’s transition to provide delivery would be successful is that it’s best known for its taste, especially of its deep dish pizza, and its gourmet-full brand image. Perhaps that would be a great way to appeal to those customers who are willing to order something better for their families.

Just a thought. Should be well researched into.


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