Ogilvy’s digital agency, OgilvyOne recently began a YouTube competition to become the world’s greatest salesperson.

As part of the brief for this competition, they created some hilarious videos on some sales techniques.

However, contrary to such videos, many pitches I have faced were far from these – they weren’t hilarious, nor were they relevant. But in fact, they were intimidating. They were so intimidating that I would never, ever want to go to the same store again, I will never, ever walk receive such a call again. In reality, this sort of aggressive selling seems to be practiced more often, which in fact, seems detrimental to the brand. In today’s world of information, where one can gain the necessary information from a passive method, such approaches are surely overwhelming. While these videos are an exaggeration of good sales in place, perhaps they do provide some good examples of how today’s consumers can be better persuaded.


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