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My Answer to “Why Should I Hire You?”

Well, this is more like an answer to, “why should I hire an international candidate?”

As an international person educated, living, and working in America, there are some downsides. One is, despite the fact that I have a legal work Visa (H1B), and despite the fact that it can be transferred quite easily, companies are not willing to hire me because doing so requires much paperwork, and costs for such paperwork are somewhat burdening now and beyond. As someone who’s looking to eagerly transfer to a company where I can develop into a marketing expert, I cannot state how difficult and frustrating this is. Give me just one chance, and I’ll show you what I’m capable of…. Well, I doubt anyone would buy that.

I wrote this down in my journal years ago based on the assumption that a hiring manager may ask, “why should I hire you over U.S. citizens who basically have similar backgrounds and skills?”

My answer to this is “opportunity.” By this, I’m referring to the fact that I’m seeking the opportunity to grow, to develop, and to provide more to the company.

First, here’s an interesting insight. Foreigners who have never even visited this country have more knowledge of America than Americans. It’s a generalization that probably isn’t true down to earth, but in all truthfulness, I’ve met many foreigners (outside of America) who know more idioms than Americans. Fascinating, isn’t it? They know more vocabularies, know more about the English grammar, and can recite every line on “Friends” and follow along every lyric on the Billboard Hot 50. That’s the whole point. They look at America from a totally different angle – as if it was a subject of study. Naturally, they are better experts at some things of being ‘American.’ As an international person myself, this is what I can bring – a whole new perspective, and both a subjective and objective look into the American culture. This is something that can’t be found with American candidates.

Second, because I wasn’t born and raised in America, I know for a fact that Americans have a better advantage over me in terms of success or adjusting with corporate America. Well, here’s the insight: if your best buddy just purchased a million dollar home, wouldn’t you want something bigger than that? If she just pulled out the newest S-class, wouldn’t you want to show off your Bentley the next time you meet her? It’s a psychologically engaging outcome, that you’d want something more and better than your fellow peers. And that’s just what I’m after. Because I’m not American, because I do not hold ground, I will try my best to be better, to be of more value. It’s a competition where I’m already way behind, and I need to catch up by developing, learning, and engaging with the best techniques possible.

So in the end, it’s all about grabbing that opportunity. It’s about learning to be American, to win the competition where others clearly have a head start. And then there’s the ‘Plus Alpha’ variable in the equation, but I won’t mention that here. (please contact me at to have a chat with me)

So, give me just one opportunity, so that I can take that opportunity and transform it into more value.

Just one chance….


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Yesterday’s vs. Today’s Brand Names

Yesterday’s brand names could be called anything. Name it Orange Juice Communications, or Speaker Phone Inc, to Cellphone Accessories Inc. You could name it using your uncle Jerry, or simply pick your favorite vegetable name.

Today, it’s a whole different story. Yesterday’s brands that used such common names – no, not your uncle Jerry’s one in a billion family name, but the every day things – like orange juices to cellphone accessories – these are the problems that arise in today’s name of brands.

The reason? Well, it’s because of the Internet. People are Googling you from everywhere. Yes, someone searching “cellphone accessories” might one day end up on your website… But would you buy from a website called It just seems scammish, and there’s simply no credibility. Not to mention, if there was someone searching for your company’s name, it’s just get mixed up with the million other pages that have “cellphone” and “accessories” as keywords. It’s the worst kind of name you’d give to your brand.

In today’s world of online searches, you should give your brand a distinction. It’s name should be something that’s catchy – like Google, and something that can be typed relatively easily. I’m sorry, may have been great back in the phone order days, but it simply doesn’t connect these days. Today, it’s all about brevity, simplicity, and easy for remembrance.

But one thing to avoid is the trend of similar names – bing/blip, fling/fring, youtube/xtube, vevo/veoh, google/oodle – don’t these all sound too similar? Stay away from similarities to the Web 2.0 sensations – I swear, there are many more of those that are on their way to the big market based on my start-up research.

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What Google Needs… For Its Future

Google. Wow. It’s a revolution. It’s simple. It’s clean. And it’s cool.

It has many, many cool features. And it’s fast.

It’s definitely what we need in today’s world of computing.

But let’s take it down the line of time: say, in 10 years?

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, global technology will be low cost – and virtually everywhere. Virtual reality will become reality in the workforce and at home. The speed of the Internet will be at a minimum of 1 gigabit per second, anywhere on earth. (Right now, the fastest offered by Verizon FiOS is 50 megabits per second – my Comcast is at 6mbps, so imagine around 100 times faster, or you can download around 15,000 MP3 songs in a minute).

Now, do you think you will use text-based, minimal graphics offered by Google? I know I won’t.

So let’s tackle the problems first. First off, Google, unless you set it up to your personal page, only gives you the minimalist option – a keyword search bar, a cool Google logo, and some links that you have to click on to navigate through. In 10 years, this will become a nuisance. Even today, Google’s coolest new products aren’t really visible – unless you actually go into their cool features page.

Google must start preparing for the development of newest technologies. It’s business model – text-based, non-cluttered advertising based on its super clean and fast text-based searches, should somehow be changed. It needs to rework its landing page, and start bringing in more interactivity and graphics and multimedia. It’s time to start shifting to a new era and reposition itself if it wants to hold its #1 spot in searches.

If Google doesn’t prepare (I’m sure they are preparing internally), Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and even Lycos could become the next leaders in search engines.

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