Superman standing next to regular people

Where's Your Superman?

Sometime in the mid 20th century.

The sky is grey, and the terror of tanks and heavy machines roar the earth.

I’m standing in fear, of Nazi infantry and armored vehicles that are bombarding every town as far I can see atop the roof of a mediterranean-style mansion. All I can see are roof after roof, civilians that have evacuated to roam free of German invasion.

Just as the enemy comes near, I hear a loud bang, and the building next to me is split in half. All the town’s people are stranded, and together with the building they begin to fall, one by one, hundreds by hundreds.

The moment comes. I suddenly gain a remarkable power – a super power. I know in that instant, that I’m Superman. I can fly. I can run. I am invincible.

I’ve had many dreams like this. I forced myself to become more than who I am in the greatest moment of danger. But this time, I decide not to flee. Instead, I return to my neighbors hanging on the falling building. I use my superpowers to help raise building after building, to save the town, to save the people, to save humanity.

It’s only a dream, but this is my vision. I believe in doing a great for the people, I believe in doing a great for an organization that I am part of.

Whether you are a corporate marketer, an advertising professional, or anyone who is part of any great organization, are you ready to use your superpowers for your company? Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for your customers and clients? The powers at those moments are immense, beyond imagination, and in that moment, you can save the world with a true Super Power.


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