In today’s economy and rapidly-changing market, any company can be fragile. One moment you’re behind your competitors, and one little negative influence that really didn’t need to exist can cause your share prices to drop in an instant. Leadership, thus, has become more important than ever. And leadership, has more effect than ever.

With my recent efforts to land a job in the marketing / advertising / PR industry, I’ve been hit hard with a realization: I should have entered this industry when I had the chance, and I should have had a wider network with professionals in this industry. The job search process has been very difficult for me, as I couldn’t find the right opportunity that would accept my limitations (no agency background, an international, not a New Yorker). But I’m a very optimistic guy, and someone who just won’t give up. But as days turn into now months of hard labor trying to find an opportunity, my level of hope has been decreasing. In a way, it’s been very depressing.

As an effort to really try something new, I decided to contact the CEO of a major ad agency, Kevin Roberts at Saatchi & Saatchi. Didn’t expect him to respond or even reach him. But he read it. And he responded. And most importantly, he gave me hope. He gave me the reason to continue my search, the reason for me to even try harder. He gave me words of wisdom, of encouragement, of inspiration, and, of hope.

That is how one leader can change a person. My motivation to work for the ad industry is higher, my morality is at highest, and I will do my best – not for the prospect of earning an income, but for pure passion. In any organization, one may feel at risk, or feel vulnerable to the amount of stress and work. One great leader who encourages his/her team, can certainly change the way they work, and the way they feel.

So if you are a supervisor, say some motivating and encouraging words to your team. If you are working under a supervisor, respond to him/her with how much better you perform as a result. If you have a co-worker, encourage one another too. Make it a goal to do or say nice things to each other once a week. Pick a day. Wednesday perhaps. It will make team work more efficient, more prolific, and more stress-free. It will make an employee feel at home, feel the inspiration to be better.


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