Here’s a funny video on an advertiser vs. consumer, describing how the consumers have changed and how the marketing has yet to follow the consumer.
It is indeed true, that to a certain extent, the majority of consumers have changed. People are no longer buying what they used to buy, and people do not need to be exposed to advertising to learn of a new product or service.

But that doesn’t mean everyone should leap into a new level of marketing. For example, while my mother now owns an iPhone – just because it’s considered the new trend for everyone, she would still prefer to read a letter on hard copy rather than browsing and zooming in on it using the iPhone. Just because people adapt a new trend does not necessarily mean that they are accustomed to it. Until then, think about where your brand is positioned in the market, and more importantly, what your customers are more accustomed to.

However, despite the old vs. new, this is something that’s clear today as it was yesterday: the more personalized, the more welcoming, or the more engaging, the more the customer will be sure to stick by your side.


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